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The SafeBite Protocol is a comunity-driven, fair-launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade which are Reflection, LP Acquisition and Burn.

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About Us

Community Driven

SafeBite is a DeFi protocol built on a substrate framework. It is community driven and fair-launched. The development team burned their $SBITE tokens and participated with everyone else.

Automatic LP Mechanism

The SafeBite protocol enhances trade which automatically contributes towards generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges.

Static Rewards

SafeBite holders can earn a passive income just by holding $SBITE tokens through static reflection while they watch the balance of their SafeBite grow.

The Cross-Chain Liquidity

One feature of SafeBite Protocol is cross-chain liquidity aggregation. SafeBite accesses liquidity from various decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools across multiple blockchain networks that include ethereum, binance smart chain, and others, etc.

The Interoperable Protocol

SafeBite protocol has integrated with binance smart chains, and ethereum network to facilitate cross-chain money market features from token swaps, lending to yield farming. SafeBite offers an intuitive and intelligent dashboard to track and monitor all earnings of users in one place. The goal is to fuel DeFi mainstream adoption with a one-stop interoperable DeFi solution.


Lending and Borrowing

The SafeBite Protocol platform promotes the lending and borrowing of crypto assets. SafeBite will compare the best interest rate among the protocols it aggregates in the backend and offer the best interest rate to the users.The aggregation to different platforms happens through the published interfaces.

Yield farming

SafeBite smart yield aggregator will provide an opportunity to maximize user yields by aggregating the information of all the available yield farming pools. SafeBite will provide monitoring and reporting tools to allow users to participate in pools of their choosing.

Decentralized Asset

SafeBite Protocol provides a cross-chain DeFi interface allowing users to token swaps, yield, and lend crypto assets. The intelligent platform features users to track all earnings in one place and avail customized notifications on price actions, new listings, and pertinent information regarding their experience.